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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  July 31, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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rachel: go to church, everybody! bye. ♪ ♪ maria: good sunday morning, everyone. welcome to "sunday morning futures," i'm maria bart to romo. today, amateurish, underwater and dangerous. this week we learnedded what many expected, the economy is in recession. but instead of leading with a path forward, the biden administration decided to mislead the american people again, going on full spin control mode, attempting to redefine what recession really means and instead pushing a new talking point, transition. >> the united states in a better
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place than almost any other country globally to deal with the serious global challenges that a we face with inflation being with first and foremost among them. so we are in the midst of this transition. >> that's what we are, a transition to a more stable and steady growth that's appropriate and necessary to transition from rapid growth and recovery. >> there's no doubt we expect growth to be slower than last year, than the rapid clip we had. that's consistent with the transition to a stable, steady growth and lower inflation. maria: yeah, unfortunately, the transition to a recession is working. coming up, wyoming senator john barrasso on the reality of 40-year-high inflation and the potential job cuts to come. plus, were the republicans outsmarted again with a chips bill and plans for more spending
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and tax increases. >> we've never spent this much money -- [inaudible] maria: then, all the wrong priorities. >> i'm kamala harris, pointing out the woman sitting at the table wearing a blue suit9. maria: charlie kirk and miranda miranda devine on the people's business including the first family and selling influence, the ime pacts of a -- impacts of a compromised commander in chief. then, the fbi exposed, hiding evidence during a presidential impeachment trial, all the while covering up serious influence peddling which has put america many serious danger. now, communist china threatens the president and the speaker of house, forcing the pentagon to get involved. coming up, john ratcliffe on
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china's plans to invade taiwan while the fbi and the doj are playing politics. plus, biden's two-hour phone call with xi jinping. then, liz cheney has been the face of january 6th committee and the new darling of the democrats while her republican challengeer is winning over wyoming voters. harriet hageman is here with her plan to unseat cheney in november. all here right now on "sunday morning futures." ♪ ♪ maria: and first this morning, president biden with covid again, testing positive on saturday after testing negative for four days prior, even before the second case of covid is worries heightened over the commander in chief's mental capacity and ability to lead. here's dr. ben carson on this program last week calling biden's. condition a national security risk. >> there's no question, you know, he's in that age range
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that puts him at an increased risk, and he has underlying problems as well. so it ises a serious issue. -- it is a serious issue. the good thing, of course, is he has access to the best medical care in the world at walter reed. so i suspect he will get through it, but i hope and pray like many others that he will recover from that. but that still leaves the problems with his ability to communicate appropriately, not to make gaffes and to create confidence. one of the things a leader's supposed to do is to create confidence in those who are following him, and we have exactly the opposite of that. and he's the laughingstock around the world. this is not good for america. maria: and this week senator chuck schumer will try to amass more support for a new version of biden's build back better agenda after getting the support of west virginia senator joe manchin to spend additional hundreds of billions of dollars
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on biden's climate change priority while also raising taxes. joining me right now is a member of the senate leadership, he is wyoming senator john barrasso. senator, it's great to have you this morning, thanks so much for being here. >> great to be with you, maria. thank you. maria: so before we get into this new spending and tax package, let me get your thoughts as a doctor. you are a orthopedic surgeon as well as a leader in the senate. your thoughts on this reinfection with covid this that president biden is facing now. >> well, it's certainly a concern. we want the president to fully recover, but we do know that people who have been reinfected have higher health risks going forward, health risks of long-term covid and health risks in terms of heart, lungs, even neurologic issues and bigger problems with fatigue the, so we hope the president doesn't fall under that category. we want him to recover fully. maria: absolutely.
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we are praying for that, for sure. let me get your take on the agenda, senator. last week your colleague on the left, joe manchin, agreed with senator chuck schumer to spend hundreds of billions of dollars more and raise taxes to pay for it. were you blindsided by this? >> well, i know joe has been working on, but let's take a look at what happened last week. we saw economic numbers continue to come out, we saw the president's poll numbers continue to fall. he's at historic levels. he's pushing for the life alert button because he's fallen, and he can't get up. and the problem with what manchin and the democrats are proposing here is the american public is having a hard time keeping up. they just can't do it. you can't afford a full tank of gas, a week's worth of groceries, and what manchin and the democrats and the president are now proposing are the two cardinal if sins that you don't want to do when the economy is in such a dire situation. number one is hay want to raise
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taxes in the middle of a recession. now, i know joe biden says it's not a recession, but you google recession, it's a recession. two-thirds of the american people believe we're in a recession. they're living it. the other thing is they have a 725-page bill, and it's over a billion dollars a page. at the time when we're at 40-year-i high inflation, this is going to make inflation worse. maria: yeah. i want to get your take on $80 billion to double the number of urs agents as well. you were mentioning the -- irs agents. only in washington can you come out with more hundreds of billions of dollars in spending and call it an inflation reduction act, senator. we know how inflation got stoked. we have the inflation timeline right here. consumer prices are up 9.1% in the last reading, and they were 1 is.4% when joe -- 1.4% when joe biden walked into the oval a office. how is it possible that your
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colleagues are voting for something that will likely make inflation worse? do you believe inflation gets worse as a result of this? >> i believe inflation gets worse. the experts who are looking at it believe experts -- believe that the inflation will get worse. look, this is false advertising by democrats. this is the last big wish, a dying wish of a party that knows they're going to get shellacked come november. they have all the spending and the taxes in in that they've been trying to get. there's no guarantee it's going to get passed, we can talk about that in a second. this is a parade of horribles from last year. they are hiring 86,000 additional irs agents. that's not just to go after a couple of big companies, they're coming after families, farmers, small businesses. and what do they want to use the money for? they're going after energy producers so he can give subsidies and pay people to buy electric vehicles. these are going to go to rich
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people. this is going to make the pain at the pump worse, it's going to drive up inflation and hurt the economy even more, maria. maria: yeah, it's just incredible. does it pass? i know that you've got a week back at work before you go on recess in the senate. what's happening this upcoming week, and how will senator sinema take on this? >> well, you t t itantoror tethatt tenat sa i k- whehehe ft ided by t b this, aheas ne sfel. e'e'ine'ino tileye twd.d. erestingestiestitingng i i t anchinanin hou bou i i i er t ahingshihi included in this bill that last year he called shell games and smoke and mirrors and accounting gimmicks. so i'm not sure what chuck schumer promised him, but i i think he's going to are regret making this decision to sign on to. every republican is against it because we know it is going to burn a deeper hole into the wallets and the savings accounts of the american people. in terms of will this pass, they
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need all 50 democrats onboard and in the room, maria. and what we know is that due to covid and due to surgery and some the democrat members, they haven't had 50 senators show up for work in well over a month. so this is far from done. maria: well, i mean, i think you make a good point. but if it doesn't pass, is it just pure luck? let's face it, senator, your colleagues continue to disappoint on many levels. did the republicans get duped again? that's what kim strassel wrote in the "wall street journal" this week, i know you saw that op-ed. but hay introduced this new version of build back better under a new name just hours after they get the chips bill passed. you did not vote for the chips bill. what is going on with your colleagues handing the democrats a win when everywhere you look there is another blow-up, when you have a wide open border and they refuse to acknowledge it? what's wrong with your
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colleagues? >> well, number one as you know, i did not vote for that bill. i thought it spent too much money and focused on a specific industry. but, no, i never rusted chuck schumer. i -- trusted chuck schumer. i knew he was going to continue trying to put together some reckless tax and spending bill until the final moment of the final day of the fiscal year. i knew he wasn't going to stop. no republican should ever believe chuck schumer. with regard to the bill that passed, there were republicans and democrats who know we have a specific problem with china. i say never again can we be dependent on china for medicines, for materials, for important minerals. never again. they're trying to get at a problem. i just think it didn't provide what we needed to do to prevent china from stealing our trade secrets. i've been on the conference committee for that bill, the votes were there. i'm not surprised it passed. what i am surprised is that joe manchin has signed on to chuck schumer's bill. i'm not surprised that chuck schumer will continue to tell people anything that will help
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him go very, very liberal with his agenda. maria: well, senator, i guess what i'm asking you is shouldn't the republicans be doing better at in this point? look everywhere, whether it's inflation, wide open borders, foreign policy disasters like afghanistan, china he refuses to call an adversary, only a pet to have, and look at the congressional -- a competitor the, and look at the congressional vote preference that we have here. democrats, 41%. republicans, 44%. shouldn't the gap be wider? shouldn't republicans be winning, and shouldn't it be an assumption that the republicans take over not just the house, but the senate as well? if why these numbers, many your view -- in your view? >> i'm very optimistic about elections in november. it's still 100 days away. maria, this is going to be a rejection election. the american people are going to reject the democrats and joe biden because of the things that you just mentioned; crushing inflation, chaos at the border,
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crime in the cities. this is a reason to eliminate and to remove and to defeat all of the democrats who are on the ticket. we need to take the majority so we can stop this reckless agenda, radical agenda that the democrats have. we need to get back to the job of building the economy, not building the government which is what the government -- the democrats want to do. i'll be chairman of the energy committee, and we -- go ahead. maria: no, go ahead. [inaudible conversations] >> i'll be chairman of the energy committee, and we will put on joe biden's desk bills that will actually bring down the cost of energy by drilling and getting the permits to do the infrastructure. we'll hold this administration accountable. maria: real quick, i want to to get your take on why your colleagues voted for the chips act. was it because the liberal universities want more money, and how do they explain that this administration wants every accounting and everybody to count, they want to know anytime
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you take $600 out of your account or have a transaction of $600? wasn't that the proposal in the initial build back better? >> well, there are a couple of things there. i have great concerns with china, and this is the new battlefield of the 21st century. it's not just weaponry, it's information as china tries to be the military, the economic and the technological superpower of the world. we can't stop. we have to continue to work to stop them from allowing that to happen. that's what our focus needs to be, and we have members that have been working to do that. i think this bill didn't accomplish it -- maria: you're referring -- yep, go ahead. >> i mean, many terms of their build back better, they're coming after everybody with raising taxes. that's who they're going after, families and farmers, everyone in an effort to pay for liberal things that i think are going to make the economy worse. it's going to make inflation worse, deepen the recession. these guys look like what heir
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doing, the democrats are trying to do the, is get to double-digit inflation. we want to get inflation down. their proposals actually seem to raise it. maria: senator, thank you very much for being being here and for your leadership. senator john barrasso. quick break then miranda devine and charlie kirk on brand new evidence that they say ties joe biden directly to his son's business deals in china. will democrats and the media use it to throw the president under the bus and off the 20 the 24 ticket? ticket? stay with us. meet leon the third... leon the second... and leon... the first of them all. three generations, who all bank differently with chase. leon's saving up for his first set of wheels... nice try. really? this leon's paying for his paint job on the spot... and this leon, as a chase private client, he's in the south of france, taking out cash with no atm fees. that's because this family of leons has chase. actually, it's león.
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biden stuff blows up and maybe letting him fall on his sword like that. i think that will look for opportunity to throw him under the bus in the next few years or months and try to get rid of him. i think they also know he cannot make it to the end of his term in 2024. maria: that was former white house physician and congressman ronny jackson on the program earlier this month questioning joe biden's ability to lead amidst talk on both sides of the aisle about who will be the democrat nominee in 2024 despite joe insisting that he plans to run for re-election. this as the president's approval rating hit a new low week of 38%. joining me right now on whether biden will be on the ballot in 2024, let alone finish his first term, is turning point usa founder charlie kirk out with a new book, "college scam: how america's universities are bankrupting and brainwashing away the future of america's youth." he is here along with miranda
6:20 pm
divine, author of "the laptop from hell: hunter biden, big tech and the dirty secrets the president tried the hide." good morning to you both. thank you so much for being here. miranda, i want to get to your latest reporting that you say proves joe biden knew about hunterrer's deals. but first, do you agree with ronny jackson that he may not be able to finish his first term? >> look, i think there's probably a 50-50 chance of that, although the big obstacle for the democrats changing horses midstream is kamala harris whose popularity is really rock bottom, and her performance is woeful. but look, joe biden has done what they brought him in to do, and that was to fool american voters into thinking that he was a moderate, that he would unify the country, that he was on honest joe, and i think the opinion polls hoe to you that the american people -- show you that the american people now see who joe biden really is, and there's no coming back from that. so i think probably they will
6:21 pm
use long covid or some health reason to bundle him off if hay do decide to do that. i don't think that they will use the hunter biden embarrassment that is going to come down the pike next year, but joe biden certainly won't want to give that any credence. so whether or not they use joe biden's sort of feebleness to morally blackmail the republicans into not pressing hard on his family's corruption is another issue. maria: charlie, what about the democrats and their plans to set up a different candidate for 2024? we've got a new survey by university of new hampshire. pete buttigieg is leading the pack, and joe biden comes in at number two. kamala harris is at number seven. your thoughts on his own party setting the stage for a different candidate. >> yeah, there's so much to take away if that poll. the sitting suspect is number seven in the new hampshire poll, and the head of transportation is number one. anyway, yeah, so i don't think
6:22 pm
biden's going to run in 2024. i actually think he's going to finish his term because he's actually more useful that way. whether it be some sort of health excuse or whether it be some sort of legal excuse that they don't actually say publicly, it's all about politics. approval ratings are just abysmal, especially with younger voters, by the way, maria. we're seeing a great realignment happen right now that are making a lot of democrats incredibly nervous. hispanics are becoming republicans in record numbers, young people are defecting from the democrat party, and because of this i think democrats are saying, wait a second, we have to get a new leader and change things completely. maria: and then a very serious situation developing around china. can china's watching biden's weakness, preparing a power grab not just in taiwan, but right here on u.s. soil including at dozens of college campuses. more on that after this break, more on that after this break, and we w w w
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>> let me be clear, the intelligence community doesn't believe that because there's no intelligence that supports that. and we have shared no intelligence with chairman schiff or any other member of congress that hunter biden's laptop is part of some russian disinformation campaign. it's simply not true. maria: and that was the truth in october 2020, it was former director of national intelligence john ratcliffe setting record straight with me on the legitimacy of hunter biden's laptop back in october of 2020 just weeks before the election. he will join us later in the hour this morning to weigh many on a new whistleblower's claim that the fbi falsely labeled the laptop as disinformation to help joe win the election. and we are back with miranda devine and charlie kirk. miranda, we saw all of the spies
6:27 pm
who lied, and the post put it on the cover right in the face of what john ratcliffe was telling us. he told the truth, and 50 others were signing their name to in the disinformation -- to this disinformation note. your reaction as we see text from james -- saying i don't see how this would work for them. your thoughts on what we saw there with the 50 intelligence agents line. what can you tell us now? >> well, this new communication is really a bombshell, rain it comes from a whistleblower who has gone to the republican congressional investigators who are looking into hunter biden's laptop. and it's from a former special forces from in the u.k., links to the u.k. intelligence. he's heard here talking to another of hunter's associates about the new york post's story which had just come out that a day, in october 2020, blowing the first story that we had on
6:28 pm
the laptop. and they're panicked, they're discussing it, what are the implications, is joe biden, hunter biden, joe's campaign going to throw us under the bus. and james gilliar responds basically with scenarios says -- saying, no, the big guy is not going to throw us urn the bus, e pebtively. he refers to joe biden as the big guy. so this is just the sort of clinching moment that we needed to say, corroborate what tony bobulinski has already toll us which is that, yes, joe biden is the big guy who was mt. laptop receiving -- in the laptop receiving 10% of one of the biggest deals that hunter biden and his uncle, jim biden, did with the chinese. maria: just is unbelievable. charlie, the fbi, meanwhile, just warned us china is trying to influence our elections. obviously, they got their guy in are there in 2020 and buying up land near u.s. military bases,
6:29 pm
critical infrastructure. you're concerned about confucius institute the centers on college campuses across the country. and we just heard from john barrasso, one of the reasons he believes some of his colleagues voted for the chips act is because those liberal universities are getting a ton of money -- >> yes. maria: -- and they want to continue getting that money, and it's coming from the crp. >> a massive -- ccp. >> a mass you have handout. maria, you hit on something so important which is the chinese infiltration is everywhere, farmland, universities, sports, hollywood, in our banking system. i mean, just one example, you have the chinese communist party finalizing a land transaction in north dakota right near grand forks air force base that even democrats and national intelligence say this is not a good idea. yet the republican governor of north dakota is inviting the ccp to go buy this farmland right near our military installations. you mentioned the confucius institutes. they're chinese communist party
6:30 pm
installations on american college campuses that the federal bureau of investigation has said this is a major national security threat. now thankfully, some of those are finally starting to shut down, but there's still dozens of them across the country. in what world is it acceptable, prudent or wise for america to invite our greatest enemy -- call it an adversary or rival, whatever, they're not our frienr universities, our farmlands, our schools, near our children? it is backwards, and it is for some reason that i can't quite figure out, maria, we are doing this to ourselves. i hope that these new republican candidates will start to draw the line and say china has no business in our farmland or our schools. maria: well, under the trump administration we were seeing a consistent string of indictments for the surveillance and for the intellectual property theft but, of course, joe biden canceled the china initiative, miranda. and now we see that the agency -- i mean, how many times
6:31 pm
can christopher if wray tell us -- christopher wray tell us china is the the biggest threat and do nothing about it? if -- the fbi does not seem to be working for the american people, miranda. i know you're working on a piece this week about this. >> no, it doesn't. and, look, there's been a string of failures and scandals with the b -- fbi, ruby ridge, the gym gymnastics, the russia hoax, now hunter biden, and there's never any accountability. and wrister if -- christopher wray is showing up on thursday in front of the oversight committee to be grilled. he always has a spanish on his face. he seems to be very happy with his own management of the agency which is a disaster. if i think -- i think the opinion polls show9 that the american people hold the fbi in contempt. that's terrible for an agency that we spend $10 billion a year
6:32 pm
funding. maria: yep. we're going to talk about that coming up with john ratcliffe. and, charlie, congratwiths on the book, "college scam." inflation bigtime there as well. thank you to you both. we will continue to follow this situation. coming up, the fbi is under fire for lois lerner's irs scandal to lies of collusion with russia and hunter biden's laptop was disinformation. former director of national intelligence john ratcliffe takes on the fbi's political campaign and the impacts from communist china as we still do not know what joe biden discussed with xi jinping for discussed with xi jinping for two hours lastou
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break up with bad credit card debt. get a personal loan with no fees, low fixed rates, and borrow up to $100k. go to to view your rate. sofi. get your money right. ♪♪ ♪ >> the taiwanese are getting ready. they're prepared to do hard work themselves, but they're going to need support prosecute united states, from japan, from south korea. these southeast asian countries, i traveled to singapore too, they know xi jinping is watching. he's watching america abandon afghanistan in such a disastrous way. he's watching the united states get rolled by vladimir putin, and xi jinping is watching the things that america's prepared tad to help our friends -- to do to help our friends and allies around the world. if we don't help the taiwanese people defend themselves, the this will only embolden xi jinping. maria: that was former secretary
6:37 pm
of state mike pompeo back in march on this program. this week the chinese communist party literally threatened the united states. first with xi jinping telling joe biden the u.s. should not get involved with china a's position toward taiwan saying, quote, those who play with fire or will get burnt. be clear-eyed. this after the ccp global state media threatened that the ccp could shoot down can nancy pelosi's plane if she visited taiwan. then the editor the massaged the wording. employees -- pelosi did not specify if she'll go to taiwan in her most recent press release. joining me now to discuss how this trip was managed and the threat of communist china is former director of martial intelligence john ratcliffe. john, good afternoon to you. thanks very much for become being here this morning. >> great to be with you, maria. maria: especially on very important subject that you will be all -- have been all over for
6:38 pm
several years, first in congress, then as director of national intelligence. your thoughts on trip of nancy pelosi's and how it was managed. will she go to eye wan? does she -- taiwan? does she need to? >> at this point she does need to go for the sake of our national security so that the american people see that the chinese communist party is not the one dictate thing american foreign policy, that it is the american government doing that. but the biden administration publicly talking about it ahead of time and then not backing up nancy pelosi with the media or on the call with president xi jinping. i mean, i think we've come to expect president biden, you know, his weakness comes through. we didn't have high expectations for that call. but very clearly, he did not back up the speaker's right to go to tie a wan, and as a result -- taiwan, and as a result, president xi is acting on that weakness. maria, one with of the things that's very concern here --
6:39 pm
concerning here, secretary pompeo's remarks are spot on. as you know, there's open source reporting about our intelligence community being concerned that china may move to invade taiwan in the next 18 months. we have long moan in the intelligence community -- known in the intelligence community that if the chinese weren't able to, was not able to reunite taiwan politically, that they would do so militarily. but it's always been nebulous and indefinite in a timetable, and we now know from our own intelligence reporting and from our allies in the indo-pacific that county xi is talking about -- president xi is talking about a i'm table of moving on taiwan in the next 18 months. and i don't think that's not a coincidence that that happens to be the timetable during which joe biden will continue to be the american president. he has, secretary pom pompeo said, you know, we had this debacle in afghanistan. you knowing the biden
6:40 pm
administration lost and surrendered to the taliban. they did not deter vladimir putin in ukraine, and now we've got this unprecedented circumstance of china literally talking about an invasion of taiwan through our intelligence community sources. any one of these individually would have been, individual events would have been historic and noteworthy. the fact that all three of these things are happening during the biden administration really speaks to what a disaster he has been as a foreign policy president. maria: yeah. and, you know, when you look at his policy, he keeps being soft on china. we just spoke with miranda devine who broke so much news on all the money that the biden families has taken in, reportedly more than $30 million from different deals. then he fails to demand covid origins investigation. he had a 2-hour phone call with xi jinping, no evidence that he wrought up -- brought up the covid-19 origin. he canceled the china
6:41 pm
initiative, so there's no more investigating all the property theft. he's considering lifting tariffs. he sent china oil from america's strategic reserve, and he's pushing electric vehicles and solar panels and batteries that are made in china. it's absolutely extraordinary. and then they start talking openly about a trip to taiwan, forcing the pentagon to get involved. on a practical basis, what does the pentagon need to do now? because china's already warning that they'll respond. >> well, absolutely. so the pentagon now in response to the mismanaged pelosi travel plans, the pentagon has to be prepared. they have to move either carriers or fighters into place in the event that the chinese would follow through on some of the, some of the rhetoric that's been out there about con to confronting -- confronting a pelosi-led congressional delegation plane. all of this is unnecessary. to your point, you know, there have been questions about president biden's wellness mentally, physically.
6:42 pm
those issues continue to to come up. but the concern also is, as you have pointed out, maria, is he has advisers that are soft on china, domestic and foreign policy advisers that, you know, have worked from blackrock and have engaged with the chinese communist party on multiple levels. his policies have been soft across the board. and hen issues about hunter biden and the role that that has played in whether or not there's a financial element to the biden family that has affected a weak china policy. we just know that it's likely to continue. and as we've talked about why there is such a danger to our national security posture with joe biden as president right now, particularly as -- maria: very dangerous. >> -- the chinese communist party, our number one threat. maria: not only that, but there's $14 million in armament that taiwan has already paid for. we haven't sent that equipment. they are owed that equipment. we've got to wait for that for another time. i've got to get your thoughts on
6:43 pm
the fbi. what is going on with the fbin't continuing to play politics? your thoughts on how new report that whistleblowers within the doj and fbi are saying aha there was a scheme at the doj and the fbi to suppress all the information on hunter biden? we've been through this umpteen times around the rush is that hoax. what can you tell the us about the fbi right now? >> yeah, this is sounding all too familiar to your viewers, maria, a scheme at the fbi and the department of justice to influence a political candidates or campaign. we saw that with page, strzok, comey, mccabe, bruce ohr. but at that time, jim comey was the fbi director and was complicit with regard to those efforts. hope was that chris wray would move away from the politicization at the fbi, but this whistleblower complaint very cheerily on his -- clearly on his watch, the names have
6:44 pm
changed, but the allegations are are the same, that these fbi agents were attempting to influence the outcome of the 2020 election by suppressing derogatory information about hunter biden and potentially joe biden. and, maria, here's what's important about this for your viewers to understand. this is more than just are about a two-tiered system of justice ors about fbi agents being able to lie and get away with it when the american people don't. people need to understand when we often our intelligence authorities, it is the fbi that is the primary domestic authority for investigating and leading to the prosecution of election influence and election interference. it's really a problem when the agency that is responsible for investigating those things is engaged in those things. and so i heard conversation about, you know, a hearing on cap old hill -- can capitol the hill. i would expect republicans to be focusing with director wray on whether or not, you know, his fbi agents were engaged in
6:45 pm
election influence and election interference, you know, at a time where he was publicly backing me and attorney general barr. you remember as you pointed out, you played that clip where i very clearly came out and said, look, adam schiff is making this information up. there is no russian disinformation involved here. it is hunter biden's laptop, and the investigation is real, and that has proven to be true. christopher wray backed that up with a public statement along with the fbi director -- i mean, with the attorney general, but now we're finding out that there were pbi agents that were doing exactly the opposite and saying exactty the opposite and suppressing that intelligence. i would expect that to be the subject of much discussion on capitol hill this week. maria: so maybe adam schiff was working with the fbi to push narrative? >> well, i think that's one of the reasons those investigations into democrats control of congress, none of these things have happened which is why i think a republican-held congress
6:46 pm
can finally get the answers for the american people, and they should. maria: john, thank thanks so maria: john, thank thanks so much for joining meet leon the third... leon the second... and leon... the first of them all. three generations, who all bank differently with chase. leon's saving up for his first set of wheels... nice try. really? this leon's paying for his paint job on the spot... and this leon, as a chase private client, he's in the south of france, taking out cash with no atm fees. that's because this family of leons has chase. actually, it's león. ooh la la! one bank for now. for later. for life. chase. make more of what's yours. my little family is me, aria, and jade. just the three of us girls. i never thought twice about feeding her kibble. but about two years ago, i realized she was overweight. she was always out of breath. that's when i decided to introduce the farmer's dog to her diet. it's just so fresh that she literally gets bubbles in her mouth. now she's a lot more active she's able to join us on our adventures. and we're all able to do things as a family.
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>> what the democrats have on the by creating inflation, just the points that you put up there, put it in perspective. if a person is paid on a salary, they have just lost an entire month of work for free because of the biden administration. maria: yeah. >> the bordersome that's a national security crisis, and heavy done nothing but make it worse. then when you look at the crime within our streets, you look what happened to lee seld. en, that's a direct effect of what the democratic policies are. there is going to be an opportunity in 107 days to change the course of history, a new direction as we say in the commitment to america. maria: and that was gop leader kevin mccarthy on this program last week downplaying recent polls that show democrats neck and neck with republicans ahead of the midterm elections. this poll released on thursday
6:50 pm
has democrats with a 4% lead on a generic congressional ballot. harriet haeggman has to unseat congresswoman liz cheney in wyoming's gop primary next month. harriet joins me right now. thanks very much for being here. >> good morning and thank you for having me. maria: well, liz cheney has been focused on the committee for january 6th. cheney told "the new york times" last week that her alliance with the january 6th committee democrats is not political, but is educational. she was born in wyoming but, of course, grew up in washington, d.c. suburbs, only returned and is now there. your thoughts on what's happening on the ground coming up to your primary. >> well, first, i believe that she was born in wisconsin. setting that aside, what's going on on the ground is -- [inaudible] and has been for quite some
6:51 pm
time. she'll pop in every once in a while, fly in a private plane, go to a private home, have a handful of people that she talks to, but for the most part she's completely abandoned wyoming for, i guess, bigger and better things. i find that to be an interesting comment from her standpoint. the january 6th committee is clearly political. every aspect of it is political. the way we refer to it out here a kangaroo court. they've already are described that the sole purpose is it -- of it is to make sure donald trump never gets near the oval office again, and i think she's trying to rewrite history in terms of what the purpose of that committee is. out here in wyoming, i am on the ground every day. we are at almost 37,000 miles driving around the state of wyoming since i announced last september. yesterday we were at a parade in rollins -- [audio difficulty] the public events as well as
6:52 pm
other things here in wyoming -- [inaudible] maria: okay. harriet, stay right there. we have to take a short break and make sure your audio is bright. i want to get your take on the white house's misleading claims about gasoline prices as they push a few plan to bring solar -- a new plan to bring solar -- a new plan to bring solarrrrrr ♪ ♪ wow, we're crunching tons of polygons here! what's going on? where's regina? hi, i'm ladonna. i invest in invesco qqq, a fund that gives me access to the nasdaq-100 innovations, like real time cgi. okay... yeah... oh. don't worry i got it! become an agent of innovation with invesco qqq dad, when is the future? um, oh wow. um, the future is, uh, what's ahead of us. i don't get it. yeah.
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maria: welcome back. we are back with harriet hageman who's challenging congresswoman liz cheney in wyoming's 2022 primary. harriet, i want to get your take on liz cheney's new promotional material. she's trying to reach9 out democrats to vote for her. she's got this campaign literature on changing parties. your thoughts on her literature that is pushing wyoming to vote
6:56 pm
for her. >> she's desperate. i think that that demonstrates that her own internal polling shows that we are far ahead, and she's trying whatever she can possibly do to try to find some way to save face. i think she's attempting to martyr herself over the january 6th committee that she's working on. it is absolutely reprehensible. this is a woman who claims to be a conservative. this is someone who claims to stand for the republican ideals, but she doesn't. and the very moment that things get a little tough for her, she turns to the democrats for support which is what she's done with this committee as well. maria: yeah. and, of course, your state is an energy state. i saw your tweet on gasoline prices. harriet, real quick, what's your platform? >> well, my platform is taking our country back from thed radical democrats. the failed energy policy and monetary policy is why we're seeing the extreme inflation that we are in this country. all of these, all of these disasters are manmade
6:57 pm
catastrophes. biden administration -- maria: okay. harriet -- >> -- has destroyed everything that it's touched. maria: it's great to have you, harriet hageman joining us. that'll do it for us on "sunday morning futures." for more, watch us again today for more, watch us again today at 3 p.m. eastern on fox news.
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